Getting back to it

A lifetime ago, I picked up my life and moved across the country on a whim. It was exciting. I started a blog at the request of a friend to chronicle my adventures moving from Orange County to NYC. And then I moved to the suburbs and my life got boring. And the blog felt like a chore. And I stopped updating it.

Earlier this year, I decided I wanted to get back in to blogging, so I went back to the old Blogger and hid all but a few of my posts and started back up with some new resolutions. But I quickly learned that Blogger really didn’t fit what I needed. I wanted the option to password protect some of my posts. Blogger only lets you password protect THE ENTIRE BLOG. I couldn’t exactly figure out how to transfer the old blog to WordPress without paying someone to do it, so here we are. Same blog name. Different extension. No boring old posts.

To get back in to the blogging game, I thought I’d give this post a try. Just Expressive recently did this, and I thought it was a good place to start while I figure out this new WordPress landscape.

1. What is your favorite type of cheese? I’m with Just Expressive and the entire reason I’m not vegan is because I love cheese too much. (Oh who are we kidding. The real reason is ice cream). Usually I’m torn between goat cheese and a good brie, but for the most part I love all and any cheeses. I had a swiss and brie sandwich in Paris that is worth another trip to Europe for.

the only clue I have to find that sandwich again. all I know is it was between my hotel and the Eiffel Tower.

2. What are you excited about? I bought tickets to the Belmont Stakes for R for his birthday. It’s a Triple Crown run, so I’m sure it will be crazy exciting. My parents are flying out and joining us at the races, and then Sunday we’re going to my new favorite brunch place in the City. I also have exciting plans this summer. Stay tuned for Question 7.

3. How did you celebrate your last birthday? A few weeks before my birthday, my mom turned 60 and R turned 30 so we did some pretty big trips for both of those (CA for my mom, Vegas for R). A few days before our West Coast adventure, R’s grandfather passed away, so we flew up to Buffalo three days before my birthday. Unfortunately, this caused my birthday to get lost in the shuffle. This year, however, we’re going on a mini weekend getaway and I’m pretty stoked.

4. What’s on your bedside table? A clock that doesn’t work and an iphone charger that works occasionally.

5. What do you order from the movie concession stand? Red Vines – except they don’t exist in this state, which is a HUGE bummer. Lately I’ve been getting the kid’s package which is basically the Goldilocks of concession snacks: perfect size popcorn, perfect size soda, not too expensive. Sometimes I sneak in a little alcohol to add to the soda but only when I’m feeling rebellious.

6. Do you have a garden? What’s growing? Last year we had summer squash and cucumbers, both of which completely took over the patio and surrounding walkways. This year we’re trying to grow raspberries for Edgar, but I think they’ve already died. We also have a couple of potted plumeria trees that do not live in the garden, but we just took them outside since it’s finally starting to get warmer.

last year’s garden was a little out of control

7. Any summer plans?  YES! I already mentioned the Belmont Stakes and Gallow Green (although I guess next weekend is technically still the spring). We’re going to see Queen in July, taking a quick weekend getaway for my birthday, Beach Week in August, and in September my cousin is getting married on Catalina Island.

8. Which TV couple(s) are you rooting for? I’m assuming this is for reality shows, none of which I really watch. Sometimes I get sucked into the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but Juan Pablo was kindof a jerk, so I stopped watching pretty early in the season. Since the Bachelorette just started, I’m not as invested in Andi yet. My big summer guilty pleasure is Mistresses, which starts next week and I’m really pulling for Savvi (Alyssa Milano) and her husband to work things out. I’d also like to see Fitz and Simmons get together next season on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

9. What’s the last thing you bought? Pretzel Buns. Our local grocery store sold them four summers ago, and we ate them regularly. They disappeared for a while and re-emerged last summer as a baguette, but were only around for a weekend. R and I have been leaving notes in the suggestion box all year and they are finally back and they are delicious.

come to me sweet food of the gods

10. What’s one thing you are passionate about? I have very many things I’m passionate about, so it’s hard to pick just one. I’ve been teaching fitness classes for four years now, so I’m definitely passionate about health and wellness. My class isn’t as high impact as some of the other instructors, so I get a lot of people in their…ahem…golden years. I love how they curse me during class, and afterwards give me a hug and tell me they’ll be back next week. This week, one of my students told me that her husband was given 4 months to live, and she loves coming to my class because it is the only place she can forget about life and feel good about herself. I’ve heard people say similar sentiments about other forms of exercise (running, yoga, cycling, etc) so I really love hearing when anyone finds healthy activities they enjoy.

11. What are you grateful for this week? This week I’m grateful for warm weather and the promise of Gallow Green’s bread pudding next weekend.

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